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It's Gravitation!

- a Gravitation rating community. :D

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Gravitation Rating!
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All Members , Moderated

GraviRating is a Gravitation rating community. Have you ever wondered which Gravitation character you're most like? Well, this is where you find out!

Basic Community Rules;

+ You must be a member to post.
+ You must have either read or have watched the Gravitation series
+ No fighting with other members nor with the mods.
+ When a member says something bad to you or something, please DO NOT HESITATE to e-mail or drop a comment to any of the mods. We'll do something with that.
+ You don't have to support yaoi to get in.
+ Community promoting is okay, just as long as it's anime related.
+ Members will not vote for applicants who don't follow the rules.
+ Promote to at least 3 people, so that there'll be more fun. ^^
+ REMEMBER! This isn't just a rating community, you can also discuss anything here, Gravitation wise of course. ^^
+ This community is a rating community, not a claiming community or anything else. Please don't post something like.. "OMFG I GOT STAMPED AS YUKI EIRI I LOVE HIM TO BITS AND WE'RE THE SAME WE'RE SOULMATES!!!!eleven!1111!!!". That's just stupid. The purpose of this community is to find out who you're most like, we're not match making you! -coughs-
+ You can vote even though you have not been stamped yet.

Application Rules;

+ Please complete the form below, and please be honest with your answers
+ After around 5 votes, we'll most likely stamp you. But the mods are somewhat busy and it may take a while..but don't worry.
+ You may re-apply if you really dislike who you are stamped as, 1 week after you have been stamped
+ Put "Kumagorou beam!" anywhere in the subject line
+ Use LJ-CUTS please! There's been lots of complaints about people who don't use LJ-cuts. The application seems to be burning the members' friends lists. ^^

Voting Rules;

+ To make everything easier, please bold your votes
+ Try to give a short explaination on why you voted this certain person this character, if you don't, it's fine.
+ You don't need to be stamped to vote!


Characters you can be stamped as;

+ Shuichi Shindou
+ Eiri Yuki
+ Hiroshi Nakano
+ Tohma Seguchi
+ Ryuichi Sakuma
+ Claude 'K' Winchester
+ Sakano
+ Tatsuha Uesugi
+ Suguru Hujisaki
+ Noriko Ukai
+ Mika Seguchi
+ Usami Ayaka
+ Aizawa Taki
+ Ma-kun
+ Ken-chan
+ Saki Ukai
+ Yuuji Nakano
+ Rage
+ Yoshiki Kitazawa
+ Judy Winchester
+ Michael
+ Maiko Shindo
+ Ark
+ Click here for the list of stamped members

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[want your rating community listed here? comment here.]

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Maintainer/Founder: nikkibyun
Mods: lady_clio, slytherinblack and melting

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